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Start a Rewarding And Profitable Career

Join the 50% of new brokers who DON'T fail in the first 18 months

A 50% failure rate may sound extreme, but it’s the stark reality of the broking industry. The problem is that many new brokers don’t get the support and guidance they need to succeed independently – not just to profit from their finance broking career, but to thrive in it. 

And that’s exactly what I’m here to change, but only if you are 100% committed to succeed as well!

Finance Broker Mentor provides unbeatable one to one support and expert guidance to new brokers for success in the real world

While a career in finance can be very rewarding, the broking industry is full of unknowns, complex and changing regulations and often huge demands on those of us who work in it. 

The learning curve is steep, and the actual world of finance is something you really can’t prepare for in a classroom or online. 

There is no substitute for experience – experience that can only be gained through the dedicated support and expert guidance of an industry mentor.

The Finance Broker Mentor program is designed to launch you into a rewarding career, empowering you with the tips, tools and trade secrets you need to grow your business – and love your career – for years to come. 

Program benefits

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Work for yourself, not by yourself

  • Understanding: Guidance on the entire loan process, from finding leads through to post settlement activities
  • Learn quicker: Hone technical skills for helping clients with easy-to-understand loan explanations
  • Money: Manage cashflow by preparing and closing loans faster for quality customer outcomes 
  • Less worries: Simplify and master compliance so it becomes second nature. Be safe and secure.
  • Supported: Assistance with scenarios and applications
Finance broker mentor/ become a broker- broker with client

Grow your business faster

  • Sustained growth: Tips for sourcing leads and nurturing clients
  • Repeat business: Strategies to build a strong loan book of loyal, long-term clients
  • Save time: Tricky question? Don’t dwell, I am here to help
  • Speedy responses: No waiting days for return calls or email replies
  • Personalised: One-on-one support, tailored to your business
  • Save money: Flat fee mentoring. No commission sharing here

Start a successful broking career on the right track

Why Choose FBM?

Why do 50% of brokers fail in the first 18 months? Because without the hands-on support, real-world insights and current knowledge of an experienced, dedicated, professional mentor, new-to-industry brokers make costly mistakes and struggle to achieve work-life balance while making up for them.

In my more than 13 years of broking, I’ve seen too many new brokers fail because:

  • they couldn’t achieve a healthy work-life balance as a broker, often working too much for too little because they made costly - and avoidable - mistakes

  • the promises of other programs weren’t delivered, with hands-on support and guidance lacking

  • the reality of Broker life didn’t match their expectations, and they didn’t know how to get the most out of it

  • their mentors weren’t available at times when advice and insight was essential, and because of this, they missed out on important deals/opportunities

All the support, knowledge and guidance you need to succeed as a new broker: that’s the Finance Broker Mentor promise.

About The Program

Created and delivered by an FBAA & MFAA Accredited Broker/Mentor, Peter Ellis, the Finance Broker Mentor program has been specifically designed to provide everything you need – and nothing you don’t.
  • Credit Triage: Know the key questions to ask prospective clients for better outcomes

  • Structured Scenario Sheets: Learn how to give lenders the information they need when submitting a scenario.

  • Best Interests Duty/Loan preparation kit: Become confident in preparing compliant loan documentation with a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask and factors to consider for scenarios you come across. Who has time to lose sleep wondering if you’ve missed something!

  • Flowcharts & guides: Complete flowchart and loan steps from first contact to Loan Settlement and beyond. Make the loan application process simple for you and your clients, never missing a client touch point.

  • Loan Application coversheets: Compliant and easy to follow. Let the Assessor know your plans and why they should approve the deal.

This is just the beginning – the FBM program provides support and guidance far beyond the bread and butter of broking.

Benefits for FBM Mentees

I’m dedicated in curbing the high failure rate for new-to-industry brokers and empowering them to enjoy the career success and satisfaction that I have had as a broker. That’s why the Finance Broker Mentor program is packed with benefits to prepare you for success in the real finance world.

  • Expert industry lending & business modules with full human support

  • Partnership calls to check in on:

  • Current Leads & Scenarios you have had come across your desk

  • Deals in your pipeline

  • Fast growth goals and business planning

  • Contact via email, call or online links for scenarios, assistance and advice

  • Submit your deals with confidence with our before submission loan review service

  • Access to our Group – The Solo Broker. Support in a collaborative environment

The FBM Growth Guarantee

Life does not wait. Earn more.

Can you guarantee results in your broking business?

Yes, you can but only if you are 100% committed, willing to plan for success – and strive to achieve it.

No matter which aggregator you are with, I will personally work with you to systemise your broking business for swift growth in just 182 days.

Commit to my exclusive FBM growth program, and I will help you earn income faster with half the cashflow worries usually experienced by new-to-industry brokers.

I’m so sure of it that if at the end of 182 days, your business is not to a stage where you are settling at least $1 million of loans per month, I will make the rest of your mentoring term completely free of charge.

There are a few terms and conditions but to be eligible for the FBM Growth Guarantee the main thing is you must commit to working with me each week and implement the strategies we discuss.

Investment in self

Top quality mentoring is an investment in your future success as a mortgage and finance broker. It may be tempting to choose a free program (in which mentors may take a cut of your commission instead), or to take the hefty promises made at face value. But the cost of a personalised, hands-on, one-on-one mentoring program is one of the most important – and potentially profitable – investments you’ll make in your career.

The wrong choice of mentor could leave you – and your bank account – feeling the effects in the future years of your broking journey.

But if you think you’ll have to settle for less to stay within your budget, think again.

About Peter Ellis, your Finance Broker Mentor

Stability during constant change

I’ve been a Finance Broker for over 13 years and know the industry inside-out. I have personally experienced the highs and lows that came with carving out my own path.  I’ve seen the pitfalls of inadequate Mentoring, and I know how working too much for too little damages our mental health.

In a Finance Broking career while there is no easy path, LOTS of work to do and much to learn, there are a lot of unknowns that Brokers are forced to find out by themselves through years of trial and error.

I had worked the massive hours preparing deals and placing scenarios, wasted hard-earned money and valuable time on numerous marketing campaigns, coaches, and courses…until one day, I finally realised that if I wanted to get anywhere, I needed to reach out and learn directly from those who were already where I wanted to be.  This, I discovered, was a crucial yet so often overlooked step in building a successful broking career.  I invested in myself.

So, after over a decade of success, I became a full-time Mentor.  Now, it’s my passion to back new Brokers entering the industry to build successful careers and avoid burnout from the unique challenges they may not be told about – but can often suffer from – when starting in the industry.

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Peter Ellis

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"Success comes when the level of support given meets the support needed"

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