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Becoming a Mortgage & Finance Broker is a rewarding, exciting and at times challenging profession. If you are looking to become a Broker but have been feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the information and choices on line, then look no further. I’m here to break down the right information simply in an easy-to-understand process, that you can follow, to get your new career on track. Essentially there are 4 steps but to save you tons of time please call me on 0413 435 763 or email at and I can personally guide you.

What is a Mortgage & Finance Broker?

A Mortgage Broker acts as a go-between, sourcing and securing home loans and other forms of finance for the public. They are an expert in their field and work on finding suitable financing options (from a myriad of lenders), for clients whether they are refinancing, purchasing, consolidating debt and more. They also over-see the signing of loan documents and other paperwork. It is essentially a first contact to loan settlement and beyond service.

How do Mortgage Brokers get paid?

Typically, a Mortgage Broker receives a fee or commission from the lenders for placing a loan with that lender that settles. Some brokers work on a standard-set commission, while others receive a different rate, depending on the loan and lender they choose for the client(s).

How do I become a Mortgage & Finance Broker?

  • Qualifications needed

    Qualifications needed

  • Choose and aggregator

    Choose an Aggregator and become an Authorised Credit Representative (ACR) or an Australian Credit Licensee (ACL).

  • Join Broker Association

    Join a Broker Industry Association

  • Choose a mentor

    Choose a Mentor

    (a required support system to help you through your first 2 years as a Finance Broker).

  • Qualifications needed

    How to enter the Industry. Mortgage broking Courses

Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

This is the minimum requirement if you want to enter a career in Finance/Mortgage Broking. You‘ll learn about legislation, regulatory bodies, frameworks, lender & loan types and customer service and marketing. You’ll also learn about ethics and much more. All on-the-job practical experience will take place after this course is completed, under the guidance of a Certified Industry Mentor.

Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management

The Diploma is a step up and adds to the skills learnt in the Certificate 4 course. The Diploma is required by some Aggregators and also the MFAA (industry Body) and must be completed within 2 years of becoming a Broker. 

  • Choose and aggregator

    Choose an Aggregator

An Aggregator is the title for the company who sits in between the Broker, and the lenders! Aggregators provide the required software/CRM to connect with lenders, a panel of lenders for which the Brokers have access to help their clients, compliance knowledge, as well as they distribute Broker commissions and lots more. Depending on the Aggregator chosen, you may also receive comprehensive training, marketing support, development days and other services to assist you in operating your business.

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  • Join Broker Association

    Industry Bodies

Industry bodies represent, advocate and promote the field of Mortgage and Finance Broking in Australia.  They assist their members in building sustainable and successful Broking businesses and also help the public identify that you are of good standing and a trusted source for credit advice and a recognised Accredited Finance Broker.  

Offering courses, development days, local meet ups, marketing support and much more means that you are being supported in your goal of being a professional and ethical finance industry Broker.

The two industry bodies are:

  • Choose a mentor


When you become a Mortgage Broker, you are required by the industry to have a Mentor for the first two years of your career.  That said, many people continue to utilise the services of their Mentor even after they have gained their initial 2 years of experience due to the fact that not everything can be learnt in 2 years and it can be good to have that added support as they continue to grow.

Think of Mentoring as an Apprenticeship where you can have all your questions answered about your new career along with full support by your side so you can learn without mistakes.  A good Mentor can make all the difference in your career as they will help you grow your business; show you how to develop a great work-life balance from the start and help you attain the hands-on skills that you need to succeed.  Perfect!

Mentoring usually covers the following areas:

  • Providing support to the Mentee in all areas of business

  • Explaining and assisting with loan-writing knowledge

  • Lender products, policies and structures

  • Customer Relationship Management best practice and systems

  • Sales and loan processes

  • Advice on starting your own brokering business

  • Industry best practices

  • Tools, systems, processes and templates

  • Assisting with keeping the mentee on track

  • Plus much more!

Your Mentor will be required to sign-off on your progress regularly throughout the two-year program, review your loans for quality and appropriateness prior to submission to a Lender and be a trusted partner in your business. 

Having a good Mentor is key to finding success in the industry.

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