Which Aggregator?

Aggregators play a critical role in your finance career – as without them you cannot run your business. Why? Because they allow you to have the accreditations in place with Lenders and systems to write loans which ensures that you earn an income.

If you’re a new Finance Broker looking to join an Aggregator or are a current Broker thinking about changing your Aggregator, there is a lot to consider. Not only does it require a lot of effort and paperwork to join or switch, but it can feel a bit daunting when you’re just getting started with the process.

Some of the questions you may ask yourself…

  • Who do I choose?
  • Whose Tech suits me?
  • What will my commissions be?
  • Will they provide lead and marketing services?
  • Do they offer personalised support?
  • Can I operate my business fully paperless?
  • Do they run Professional Developments Days?

As you can see, with so much to think about, the relationship you will have with your Aggregator can make or break your business.  It’s absolutely worth your time, and investment to critically evaluate what your needs are and services they offer. 

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Changing Aggregators

Why Change Your Aggregator?

Following on from above, changing Aggregators is a big deal and not to be considered lightly.  That’s why it’s critical you talk to other Brokers, read reviews on-line and details you can find about the Aggregator and also meet a few times with their BDM. Will they be a good fit for you?

You are typically obligated to give 30 days of notice when leaving your existing provider, and you also need to ensure that you get your accreditations again when you change Aggregators.

While there may be a lot of effort in switching Aggregators, you need to consider the long-term benefits below: 

  • Will the move save you time and effort in the future by having use of a better, quicker, more suited CRM? 
  • Will you save money and/or make more money in the long-term with less fees, time savings and or better commissions? 

If you are clear on your business goals and what you need (and your current Aggregator isn’t meeting those needs), then it is may be worth considering your options.

If you’d like more information, make sure you download my FREE guide on picking an Aggregator that suits your business needs. 

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